Rainbow CFO offers a suite of services that span from one-time strategic
engagements, to ongoing Finance organization management.

We work across industry, with deep expertise in Retail, Consumer Goods, Technology Start-Ups and SAAS Platforms. Our core competencies span across the following functional areas outlined below:

Business Modeling

We will build your business model from scratch and/or enhance existing business models your team already has in place to help you better understand your company's potential and investment needs. We have experience building both internal forecasting models for scenario modeling, as well as external-facing investor models that can be used in your fundraising materials. This service line can be packaged as a one-time initiative that is transitioned to your team, or as an ongoing engagement.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Once your business model is in place, we can help you utilize and refine it as actuals are reported. Establishing structured forecasting and reforecasting processes are paramount to learning and iterating towards a more accurate understanding of your business. When done right, it can also provide a tremendous learning experience for both employees and leadership. We provide the backbone to the model and process, but allow your operational leadership team to guide the overarching strategy.

Cash Flow Management

Using our detailed Rainbow CFO cash flow template, we will build a custom tool and process tailored to your business to provide you full transparency into every dollar that enters and exists your bank account. We believe accurate cash flow forecasting is the most critical process performed by most businesses' finance teams, and we have a proven track record of setting up the steps to get you there. For businesses looking to start small with budget and CFO hours, we often recommend this as a first initiative.

Finance Infrastructure Set-Up

For new early-stage companies that have limited to no finance infrastructure, we will work with your leadership to establish Accounting, FP&A, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Treasury and Tax processes that meet you where you're at. We have experience setting up both in-house and outsourced functions depending on your goals and budget. A lot of businesses overspend too soon on their back offices - let us help you learn from others' mistakes and phase your growth effectively.

Expense Restructuring

If your P&L has gotten out of hand as you've grown, let us help you establish fiscal governance, renegotiate contracts, and restructure your COGS and operating expenses to drive profitability. Restructuring doesn't have to be a scary, ominous experience for you and your employees if done properly. We believe in transparency and making smart decisions that benefit your entire organization for the long haul, with a communication strategy to ensure success and minimal business disruption.

Real Estate Planning & Negotiations

With our strong expertise in the retail industry, we can assist you in growing your physical footprint responsibly. We handle lease negotiations and renegotiations, proforma creation, construction and build-out budgeting, location-specific target setting, and performance management for your employees. Apart from supporting your financial performance, these services can provide a bridge for an early-stage company not yet ready to make a key Retail Leadership hire.

Accounting Team Oversight

Many companies already have a bookkeeper or accounting team in place, and Rainbow CFO loves to work with them! We offer accounting team oversight and will serve as a strategic finance liaison between your leadership team and accounting resources to ensure you're able to translate your ideas and goals into financial success. If you are in search of these resources in addition to a Fractional CFO, we can make a recommendation and lead the charge on the onboarding and/or transition.