N0t just a consultant. y      ur partner in profitability.

We offer a range of services that span from one-time strategic engagements to ongoing finance & team management.

Our services

We have deep expertise in retail, consumer goods, service businesses and SAAS Platforms. Our core competencies span across the following functional areas:

💵 Cash Flow Projections

Our cash flow process includes an end to end financial audit, and the creation of a custom template to ensure you have visibility into every single dollar that’s flowing through the business.

📈 Financial Modeling

We build financial models from scratch or enhance existing models to help you better understand your company’s financial and investment needs.

📊 Budgeting & Forecasting

To achieve profitability goals, we set department-level budgets and hold teams accountable through a monthly governance process that includes forecast vs. actuals review sessions.

💲 Finance Infrastructure Set-Up

For companies that have limited to no finance infrastructure, we work with your leadership to establish Accounting, FP&A, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Treasury and Tax processes that meet you where you're at.

💳 Expense Restructuring

Has your P&L gotten out of hand? Let us help you establish fiscal governance, renegotiate contracts, and restructure your COGS + operating expenses to drive profitability with minimal business disruption.

🎯 Accounting Team Oversight

We serve as a strategic finance liaison between your leadership team and accounting resources to ensure you're able to translate your ideas and goals into financial success.

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